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Living & working in Dalarna
Kazuko Ono
Kazuko finally feels at home
The Kropp-Albrecht family.
Both family and career
From Scotland to Dalarna

Homes for sale in Dalarna (in Swedish)


Move to Dalarna

Many of you have a dream:

Starting a new life in Sweden. A country with endless forests, people who are picking wild berries and mushrooms, red houses in a wide landscape, small children with pigtails in their hair playing in the snow, deer and moose in the wild, the home of Pippi Longstocking, Abba and the typical red Dalahorse.

There are many steps to take before you can realise your dream. You have to find a job or start a business of your own, you need a home, a school or day care facility for your children, information about the municipality, insurances, healthcare, and so on. A lot of questions and you need to find the answers.

Since 2005 we have a project in Dalarna called

Flytta till Dalarna

A lot of people and public authorities are working together in this project in order to help you in the best possible way when you want to move to Dalarna.

With these pages we hope that you will find the keys to your dream.
To see more of  what we can do for you: go to "Contact us"


Jon in his helmet  
Jon is one of
the world's
extreme skiers